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Horen Chamuah

Pithubar Girls’ Degree College, Khowang is the only women’s educational institution under the Moran Legislative Assembly Constituency of Dibrugarh District. Now it has completed 33 years of glorious service in higher education. A lot of dedicated teachers and employees have been working continuously to bring the college to its present prestigious position. The college has been playing a leading role in the sphere of art, culture, games and sports and local responsibilities. Read More...


Pithubar Girls’ Degree College, Khowang was established on 9th August 1989. The college offers B.A. programmes to provide higher education facilities to the poor and backward tea garden students of society. The college is affiliated with Dibrugarh University and recognized under UGC12(B) in 2018. The college was provincialised in 2013.

This college is situated at Khowang Chariali, in the Moran Legislative Assembly Constituency, Dibrugarh District. The college is surrounded by tea tribal people, scheduled tribes, other and more other backward classes of people.

The college was named after an honourable social worker, educationist and the owner of Duliabam Tea Estate who had donated the original land and building for the college. At the time of its establishment, the name of the institution was Pithubar Girls’ Educational Institution. Later, at the time of affiliation with Dibrugarh University, the name was changed to Pithubar Girls’ Degree College.

This college is a rural-based college and it has been providing the rural, academically, socially and economically challenged students of Khowang and adjoining tea garden students with higher education. The college family has been trying its best to develop the necessary infrastructure in the college as per the needs of the students. Certain basic facilities are yet to be introduced in the college. The vision of the college is to provide quality education to the existing students. It has become possible only because of the sincerity, goodwill, dedication and cooperation among the authorities, teachers, official stakeholders, public, governing body and all well wishers of the college.

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