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About IQAC

As per the guideline of National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) , Pithubar Girls’ Degree College, Khowang, established its IQAC in  20/06/2015, to create a sound learning environment and to work towards the realization of the goals of quality enhancement. The prime task of the IQAC of PGDC is to develop a system of conscious, consistence and catalytic improvement in the performance of institution .It is indeed a driving force of the college which is responsible for regular supervise, planning and execution of all the quality initiative and quality assurance initiative measures.


  1. To ensure continuous improvement in the entire operations of the institution,
  2. To assure stakeholders involvement with higher education- namely, students, parents, teachers, staff, employers, funding agencies and society in general.


Functions Carried Out

  1. Recording and monitoring quality measures of the institution:The IQAC has been recording and monitoring the quality measures of the institution. The authority and IQAC adopts mechanism like  interaction with students and other stakeholders,  sudden visits to the teaching departments to assess the teaching- learning process which is one of the primary parameters in determining healthy programme outcomes
  2. Acting as a driving force of the institution for quality-related activities:As a driving force of the institution in quality related matters the IQAC has been working to ensure quality in Curricular Aspects, Teaching-Learning and Evaluation, Research, innovations and Extension, Infrastructure and Learning Resources, Student Support and  progression, Governance, Leadership and Management and in Institutional Values and Best Practices.
  3. Collecting, analyzing feedbacks and acting thereupon:The IQAC of PGDC also thoroughly discussed feedback  received from different stakeholder and corrective measures are suggested to the authority.
  4. Distributing of information on quality aspects:The IQAC ensures that any information received by the college authority from other institution/agency regarding holding of workshop, seminar, special training, etc. are properly distributed to the faculties.
  5. Guiding, and coordinating among different Cells,and Committees : A good number of cells and committees are functioning in association with the IQAC such as the Academic Cell, Internal Complaints Committee(ICC), Women’s  Cell,  Grievance and Redressal Cell, Anti Ragging Committee,  Parents/Guardians Association, Alumni Association,  Library Committee, ‘Student Union’, Information and Career Guidance Cell etc. The IQAC plays the role of guiding, coordinating and reviewing the functions and activities of these Cells, Committees .
  6. Organisation of workshops, seminars :The IQAC coordinates with the different departments of the college is organizing workshops, seminars, popular talks, exhibitions or any other training programmes, in holding parent/guardian meets, alumni meet etc. and also seeks collaboration from other organization in holding workshops, seminars etc.
  7. Co-curricular and extra-curricular activities: It promotes co-curricular and extra-curricular activities in the institution for the physical, mental and social development of the students.
  8. Analyses the University results at department level and made suggestions in this regard.

IQAC Committee of Pithubar Girls’ Degree College

In compliance with the Change of GB President of of PGDC  the  IQAC of Pithubar Girls’ Degree College, Khowang has been re- constituted with a little bit change. The term of newly nominated members will continue for a period of two years from the date of issue of the notice.

Sl No                Post                      Name     Designation Phone Number
1  Chairperson Mr Horen Chamuah Principal i/c 9954437683
2 Co-ordinator Mrs Archona Saikia Assistant Professor  Dept, of Political Science 9678510052
3 Management Member Dr Sudhir Kr Das GB President


Rtd Associate Professor , HCDG College, Nitai Pukhuri .Sivsagar Assam

4 Nominee from Local



Mr Kumud Kakoti



Head Master of Sessughat Silputa Sanjukta H. S School , Khowang 6002136981
5 Nominee from local industrialist Mr Likhok Lahon



Local Industrialist 9859358211
6 Administrative Member Mrs Tutumoni Chutia Vice Principal 7896707926
7 Nominee from Alumni Mrs Deepa Hazarika Assistant Professor 8134830590
8 Nodal member( AISHE) Mr Promod Lahon Do 9957028825









Teacher Members

Mr Manuranjan Phulkonwar Do 9435273994
Mr Bhupen Saikia Do 7002103693
Mrs Nabonita Phukon Do 6003972156
Mr Jugal ChSonowal Do 9854359613
Mr Monuj Kr Gogoi Do 6001823665
Mrs Guno Prova Gogoi Do 8876201927
Mr  Durlov  Bharali Do 9854821353



10 Student Member Miss Bhaswati Chutia General Secretary  (Student Union) 7896939794