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Pithubar Girls’ Degree College Khowang has an Anti-Ragging Committee to safeguard the student from any such type of ragging which could demoralize the environment. The committee also upgrades the educational environment and protects the human rights.

The Anti-Ragging Committee takes different types of preventive measures such as

  1. a) Awareness programme among the students before starting the classes.
  2. b) Freshman social within a week to minimize such type of work.

The Anti-Ragging Committee always keeps close eyes to the student. If such types of incident happen or come into the knowledge or any complaint lodged by the students. The committee interrogates the matter seriously and takes necessary action as per situation.



The members of ANTI RAGGING COMMITTEE( Current Year)

President : Mr. Bhupen Saikia

Co-Ordinator : Mr. Durlov Bharali

Members :

Mrs Archona Saikia (Co-ordinator, IQAC)

Mr. Brinchi Chetia

Mrs. Padamawati Saikia.

Mr. Anita GOGOI (Member From Student Union)